Step-by-Step Guide

Study Abroad Preparation

Preparing to study abroad involves meticulous planning and expert guidance to ensure a seamless transition. From visa applications to cultural readiness, our comprehensive services pave the way for a transformative educational experience abroad.

Step 1: Consultation with Our Counsellors

Acoinrum Consult counselors are well-versed in the qualifications required to apply for courses overseas and the options available at any level of qualifications you have obtained (including possible credit transfers).

Step 2: Application and Support

To apply, several documents need to be completed, such as an application form, a score transcript, and a photocopy of a passport. You will be guided by our experienced counsellors on all documents required.

Step 3: Obtain Offer Letter

Our counsellors will help you follow up on acceptance from your selected institutions. Depending on the level of study and institutions, usually a period of 1 to 2 months is needed to await the acceptance letter.

Step 4: Payment of Tuition Fee

After receiving your offer letter and fulfilling all academic requirements, students will be asked to pay for tuition fees and/or other additional expenses.

Step 5: Student Visa Application Process

Acoinrum Consult’s counsellors will handle the request for a student visa. To apply for a student visa, documents such as a visa form, an offer letter, the latest transcript, and other important documents are required.

Step 6: Flight Tickets, Accommodation and Pick-up Arrangements

Counsellors will help students purchase flight tickets, handle accommodation applications, and make airport pick-up arrangements.

Step 7: Pre-departure briefing

Attending a pre-departure briefing from Acoinrum Consult before departing is highly encouraged. Counsellors will be willing to help while students are studying there.